July Pre-Production Update

Since the last update we've been busy casting, and we've now cast several important roles. There are several characters left to cast, but the characters that casting was critical for have been filled. Christina and I saw dozens and dozens of digital auditions, and a smaller number of face-to-face auditions. The standard was really high, and it was a pleasure to engage so many talented actors.

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Collaborator Update: Pre-Production So Far

To go over some of what was said in the Livestream, and to put it all down so future Goof-Historians have something to lol at, here's what I've been up to:

Thinkin' 'bout stuff: Going through the storyboards in a way where I can develop fairly exact set-design with the film's producer/storyboard artist has lead to a lot of, er, thinking time. What I mean is that I've been spending a lot of time deciding on how certain scenes should look, feel, and sound like, as we work out the camera movement and actor blocking. This had led to a lot of conversations about the exact shade of beige carpets should be, the exact light temperature a scene might need, lens choices, if a door needs to swing in or out, whether or not to CGI on the Lead's beard, and so on.


Doin' stuff: Right now I've cast the lead and have begun working with her on feeling out the character of Ana. I'm in the process of sending out casting calls for the other main characters, and plan on auditioning later in June.

Shooting will be divided between principal photography and pick-up days. The main shoot will take two weeks, over the middle of August, and will be where I get everything I need out of the sets I'm yet to build. After that there'll be several pick-up days for non-recurring locations, which I hope will be fairly straightforward as they require either little lighting or the use of natural light, and no location sound recording.


Two weeks isn't a lot of time to shoot a feature, but as a good amount of the action takes place over three sets, and as all of the off-set work will require minimal crew, I'm sure I can give Father Time a run for his money – no pressure (sweating like a bastard).

Aside from that I've been tweaking the storyboards with Christina, shooting camera, lens, and lighting tests, and experimenting with some sound designs ideas.

In June: I'll be casting, making a very simple animatic (that'll hopefully help me resolve any pacing problems now, before it's too late!), looking for studio space, and no doubt sifting through endless emails – film-making!


PS. I'm not sure when the next Kickstarter Livestream will be yet, but I think probably mid to late July. I'll send out messages via Kickstarter messages – I tried to email backers as well before but I have so many 'server not able to accept' messages that it seems the Kickstarter direct messaging system might be a bit more reliable. Thanks for all your questions on the last stream too.