Here are a couple of videos that have since been removed from Youtube, by Youtube. Oh no.

They’re not of such merit that I want to put a spotlight on them, it’s just that they were removed. Any other videos this happens to will end up here, after I exhaust YouDude’s Kafkaesque bureaucracy and get around to it, in-between beard grooming and scalp sharpening.

Coriolanus - Boy

Coriolanus - Boy: Removed because of a copyright takedown from Lasso Rights. I fought this all the way to counter-notification, only to find YouTube wouldn’t forward my counter-notification to the group who have claimed it, despite the fact that my use of all copyrighted material is clearly fair use.

I’m not sure why YouTube wouldn’t forward my counter-notification. I suspect it’s because this video is especially short and a good portion of it uses copyrighted material, and that somehow crosses a threshold the Google overlords have set without telling me. That’s fair enough, I understand YouTube is under pressure from rights companies and that they must pass on that pressure to videomakers, I just wish they’d be upfront about it. I’d have worked around such a threshold had I known. But hey, what did I expect?

Original Upload: 18/12/2018

God Hates Bees

Look at my hair!

God Hates Bees: Removed because of my use of Philip Glass’s music. It’s a fair cop. At first the copyright holder just monetised this video, but later changed their minds and pulled it down. I don’t blame them, I did use their music quite a bit. It’s nothing special or anything, just me and Damian fucking about.

And that, ladies and gents, is why I’m in marketing.

Original Upload: 18/11/2016